Hey, I'm Michael

Hope you’re all doing awesome today. It’s been my dream to do this bootstrapping thing for a while, but I’m finally getting started. I’m currently looking into building something around SalesForce plugins. My next step is doing some customer development. Looking to meet some awesome people here and share our journeys.


Congratulations! I started in earnest 2 1/2 years ago, very happy with how it has gone. Hopefully you will get the results you are after :slight_smile:

Welcome. It makes sense to build on an existing product. Good luck :slight_smile:

Welcome onboard! Do you have prior experience with Salesforce or other CRMs?

Thanks for the welcome! To be honest, I have limited experience with Salesforce specifically, but I’ll learn whatever it takes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good luck.

Customer Discovery is a GREAT place to start.

I was just reading a summary of Dotcomm Secrets (which is more practical than it sounds !). And he said, and I agree, you should know their them and their problem well enough to write a page from their diary.

I’ve been doing this successfully for 20 years and there’s still more I can learn about my customers.

Knowing the Customer/pain/proboblem is more important than understanding Salesforce. HOWEVER, if their problem is WITH Salesforce (limitation you are trying to solve, etc.) then I"d be cautious about that.

If you can find 100 customers who have the same pain, that’ll be your North Star.