Hey I'm Geoff, founder of Hurl.io

Hey all,

Having spent the last 5 or so years on various big projects I got totally lost in I’ve decided to take a new approach, doing the bare minimum I can on the bare minimum I can! I’m about to launch a new social network cross bookmarking site called www.hurl.io on about $10 a month! A refreshing change from my last project :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in having a look let me know and I can put a sign up link up, I’m just interested in saying howdy and connecting with some similar minds.



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Hey Geoff,

I thought few years ago to start something like this. After talking with an investor from Germany and some other guys that have related products, I think the best approach is to pivot it to a b2b instead of b2c. If you make it some kind of platform for businesses you may have higher chance for success…that’s my 2 cents.

Hi Virgil

Thanks for your suggestion, at this stage I’m really interested in seeing if people find value in it as b2c proposition. Did you sign up? Something I’m working on at the moment is reshaping the public content/descriptions to better describe what it does - I don’t think I’m giving it a fair shot based on whats there right now.

Sign up and give it a go, let me know if you still feel the same! Sign up here: http://www.hurl.io/users/sign_up


I didn’t get it. Is it like Pocket for Social Network content?