Hey, I'm Gavin Baker from Greenlight

Hi Everyone,

My name is Gavin Baker and I run Greenlight and Baker Labs from Knoxville, Tennessee. I’ve been involved in digital marketing in one form or another for companies from startup (abunga.com) to enterprise (Ruby Tuesday, Inc). and all sizes in between.

I’m currently growing my business Greenlight, which provides managed email marketing for businesses who don’t have the time, ability or interest to do the design, content, and formatting themselves. We handle each piece (design, content, delivery and reporting) and tell them how it is performing.

We primarily work with B2B businesses who find that an email newsletter gives them an outlet to talk about their projects and industry while increasing awareness with their customers and clients. Bringing them new business via referrals and awareness.

We’re increasing our customers who use auto-responders, drip campaigns and email courses but for the most part those are foreign terms to our customers who have relatively large but non-online marketing impacted businesses.

While we are really a people-powered service (people write the emails) on top of a platform (Mailchimp in most cases) but so much of what we do is similar to SAAS.

I’m excited to be a part of this community of similarly minded folks and looking forward to learning a ton from everyone here.

Cool. I have a similar business, where it’s a mix of people and tech, LiberWriter.com. In some ways it’s easier to get started that way, but at times I wish it were more of a product, in that scaling people is kind of difficult. That said, even products have their support costs and finicky users - @patio11 has some great stories about some of his, so I guess the important thing is to be out there doing something. Welcome!

Thanks for the welcome! I agree, I’m sure the grass is always greener :slight_smile:

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Good stuff, Gavin!

I think I bookmarked this post a while ago - wow looks like it’s been almost a year now! I actually had someone ask about exactly this (managed mailchimp content) - I believe I may have referred them to your site actually.

I do a liiitle bit of a similar thing with my SaaS (magemail.co) in the sense that I help customers with their content - but it’s much more light weight than full-on newsletter content, b/c the nature of ecommerce triggered email is a little bit more cookie cutter.

I’ve also been thinking that at some point it will probably make sense to try and offer good copywriting services to my customers (at cost) - so that for exmaple if they wanted to pop a nice custom welcome series in place that was really tailored to their business, we could do something like that.

From a brief glance at your site, I wasn’t sure that I saw pricing info?

Also I was curious to see some example newsletters that you’ve done for other clients of yours?