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Hey, I'm Ben from ExposureHQ


Hello, I’m Ben. I have been trying to create a startup for years but never really had enough follow-through to finish it. I was on the BOS forums back when they were popular and got lots of great ideas. I finally had an epiphany and have been working on my product for the last six months in the evenings and weekends when I am not at my day job.

My product came from my wife’s recent job change. She decided to quit her profession and start a photography business. Since I had the business knowledge it was easy for her to focus on what she loved while I did the back-end work. That works great for her but when I started looking around for tools to help her run the business herself, I noticed that there were plenty of individual tools that could accomplish much more than she needed but nothing integrated. So my product, ExposureHQ, is designed for photography businesses and lets them keep client info, scheduling, sales, web, social media and finances all in one integrated application with lots of automation.

I figure I am about half done with the core features and I plan to launch a beta later in the fall and the full product sometime early next year.


Hello Ben. Welcome to the forums.


Interesting niche, I dig it. Welcome!