Hey, I'm Alex, Adwords/PPC consultant and aspiring bootstrapper

Hi All

I’m a freelance Google Adwords/PPC advertising consultant. Basically, I work with a variety of different businesses, helping them grow their sales through PPC channels.

My next business is going to be a bootstrapped software product (which is why I’m here). I don’t mind the consulting work, but I’d like to diversify away from services and into products. At the moment I’m in the very early stages - idea generation and validation. Look forward to learning a lot from you guys here.

If anyone here needs help with Adwords/PPC advertising generally, just send me a message and I’d be happy to help. Adwords is one of those things that seems really complex if you don’t know what you’re doing, but is pretty simple when you understand how it works.

I’m also interested in speaking with anyone who has already launched a product and needs help marketing/selling it.


P.S. I’ll be at Microconf Europe next weekend, so look forward to meeting some of you guys there.

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Hi Alex! Welcome to the forum and look forward to meeting you in Prague! There’s a few of us going.

Hey Alex! First of all I’m wondering if you happen to be the Alex that I know who does PPC! :smiley:

Secondly, I definitely need help marketing / selling my product! :slight_smile:


I have a product at sharpplm.com and would love some ppc or marketing feedback.

I hope you enjoy microconf Europe. I went to the one this spring and it was great.