Hey everyone, Lenny here!

Hey all, been a “lurker” on this forum and finally decided to jump the gun and sign up :slight_smile: I’m an entrepreneur and designer. I’m currently the co-founder of a tool called YesInsights (YesInsights (dot) com) . It’s a simple tool for anyone to receive quick customer feedbacks across all platforms (email, blog, social media, slack, forums etc.) through one-click and NPS surveys.

We built this product because we know the importance of listening to your customers. It helps with better business decision making, product growth, and retention. Most of our users receive 75%+ response rate on their surveys due to our native embed that blends in with any email/platform. Would be great if everyone could check it out and try it :slight_smile:

Previously I was an early founder of a TechStars startup and love everything about UX and design. Nice to be apart of the forum and looking forward to learning from everyone!

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Link - https://www.yesinsights.com/