Hey Bootstrappers, scored my first paying customer today and they are a big deal. How do I make the most of the PR opportunity?

Hi guys,

This is my first post in this community after lurking for a while, so a big hello to all of you guys who have helped me quietly so far. I’ve built my first Saas product, and managed after a few iterations from people during trials to get my first paying customer. Here’s the interesting bit, they are a well known brand.

I’m wondering how to a) use this to my advantage, and b) do so without either pissing them off or exposing my size as just a single person bootstrapped product with just me at the helm. Should I wait a while before approaching them to get a testimonial, or would it be better to offer them content for their blog or any other ideas? Any advice on what you would do or when you would do it appreciated.


I find if they are a happy customer they won’t mind being asked for a testimonial, but a big company might have policies. But it can’t hurt asking, especially of you have a regular ‘contact’ in the company.

You don’t have to necessarily bug them for a testimonial, but instead reach out and say ‘Hey, saw you signed up - wanted to check in and see how it’s going. Are there any questions I can help you answer?’

Hopefully they’ll respond ‘All is good, I’ve been looking for XXX for some time, excited about it!’

Then you can reply ‘Glad to hear! Actually, do you mind if I quote you on that on our website?’

Of course it won’t always go like this, but reaching out offering assistance is the first step and can’t hurt.


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I’ve built a good relationship via email with the customer, and they have said something along those lines, I just would rather they had a few months of paying before asking the question. Does a single testimonial look weird as well was my next thought.


It won’t look weird, but make sure you include a picture and possibly a link to his website. This will make it look genuine.

What counts much more than a testimonial is a testimonial from an influencer. Reach out to the people who define your market and give your app for free, if they like it it’s easy to get a testimonial from them which is big. When you’ll make relationships on the market and even friends with important guys(from going to conferences, meetings etc), it will be pretty easy to get your next product in the same market lift off, not only that you’ll get easily testimonials from influencers but they’ll help you promote it as well. Until then, you need to struggle a bit.

You should absolutely ask for a testimonial asap. They’ll never be more excited then right after they sign up!

One is fine, makes it feel like you picked just this one customer to really highlight what you’re doing. Obviously, as you get more customers you can make logo stacks, etc.

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You should absolutely ask for a testimonial asap. They’ll never be more excited then right after they sign up!

I very much agree with what Ian said here.

Many of us bring a timidity to business when we’re new at it. “I don’t want to bother; I don’t want to seem small; I don’t want to ask too soon.” It is good to get rid of that mindset. At worst, a person will say, “No”. Afterwards, the world will still keep turning…

Thanks for that Steve.

Not to hijack the thread too much, but what is the general consensus on going all out transparent on that statement? Full one man product marketing? I’m toying with delivering an honesty on the blog detailing the journey, which I think could be more interesting an angle than the standard corporate content type stuff where the perception is that customers are being serviced by a larger outfit.