Help with support and development

Heyo…so I’m kicking around the idea of hiring some help with support and some other things and wanted to see if anyone here might be interested.

I wrote a post a little while back on looking for an apprentice bootstrapper - this is different from that but kind of related.

I was primarily looking for ways to mentor other bootstrappers there - whereas I’m primarily looking to get some help with some of the work on my plate at this point. But I think it’s inevitable that some apprenticeship would take place in the context of this as well.

One of the challenges I faced with hiring customer support was that I still ended up having to handle probably 80% of the tickets myself b/c they were a little more technical in nature.

So what I’m thinking might be a better fit is finding someone that is a developer but can also help with support.

The benefits to you, as a bootstrapper, would be that you’d be able to work with an existing bootstrapped app that’s profitable, and get exposure to pretty much every aspect of the business. Also I’d be happy to also help you with your own business/product, as time allows.

And you’d also get paid for your time. I’m thinking maybe $30/hour but if you have a counteroffer, feel free to make it. I’m sure that’s probably on the low end of what you would be making, but maybe it’s still worth your while.

Initially we would be working together on support tickets / random tasks / working through code together - kind of like pair programming but just on everything as a whole - lets call it pair business’ing.

I’d like to start out with 1 hour per day 5 days / week just to get started and test out the waters and we could hopefully grow from there.

Let me know how that sounds and if you have any questions!