Help me launch in Zapier

Hey everyone,

Ive been very quiet these past few months building a B2B SAAS (Parserr) to fulfill quite specific need - Parsing email and documents.

I won’t go into specifics, only to say that existing players have most certainly not tapped the entire market, are at the moment quite hard to use or have sold out already. Some are already on this forum!

I just released my first beta and I’m hoping to get some traction through various marketplaces that need this service (eg Salesforce, Zapier, Office 365, Zoho) etc

I need your help though

After all what is a community for?? :slight_smile: I need just 10 test users to test my beta product on Zapier so I can take it live. You will need:

1) 10 minutes
2) A company email account for Zapier account (so no gmail, hotmail - easy to unsubscribe afterwards)

I really just need you to create a new Parserr account, send an email to be parsed (below) to the email we give you, and then use Zapier (signup is easy and free for that too - this is where you need to signup with a company account) to push that data elsewhere.

Here is Zapier link to use to get access to the Zapier add-on:

Here is the email body:

Name: Ted Smith

First Name: Ted

Last Name: Smith

I even created a video to show you how easy it is to do ( i tried to cut out a lot unnecessary details eg. sending the test email above and connecting my google account in Zapier):

In my video I show Zapier pushing the data from Parserr to Google Sheets. But if you have Zapier experience, feel free to push your parsed email data from Parserr to another system. Up to you.

Remember it doesnt actually what you parse, as long as the data ends up in the final system (eg google sheets) through Zapier. No need to parse documents etc. keep it simple!

Obviously the product is in beta and will have a few bugs im sure! Feedback is welcome here.

Your help is SUPER appreciated