Hello World! I'm Alexey ;)

Hi, my name is Alexey, I’m a software developer with more than 12 years of experience. One year ago I left my job and became a freelancer at full-time. At now I’m looking for ideas of online service or software… My first service - http://keyword-suggestion-tool.com In addition I’ll create desktop application for Windows / Mac OS where users can upload any number of initial phrases/keywords at once, and will have few other features (eg. proxy servers to make search from specified locations, etc).

Hi Alexey

You might want to check out my product: http://www.keywordfunnel.com . It is a commercialized version of a tool I created for running my own ‘long tail’ AdWords campaigns. It sounds like it overlaps a bit with what you are planning to do.

I have found Adwords tools is quite a tough market:
-AdWords amateurs don’t want to buy tools
-AdWords professionals already have tools or are happy to stick with Excel and Google’s own tools
-it is hard to get noticed as all the AdWords blogs and experts are busy pushing their own solutions

Hi Andy, Thanks for your reply! I agree, it’s very hard to get noticed in this niche.