Hello, I'm Wilbert!

Hi there,

It’s Wilbert here! :smile:

Currently i’m working on a startup called AbraResto.
I work on things that matter.

Hope we could have a good time here with a good discussions.

Oh, one more thing, if you need something, don’t be hesitate
to mention me on Twittter @wilbertliu

With much love,

Wow, looks like AbraResto is pretty big already, congrats for building it.

Does AbraResto pair with restaurant owners to generate the market?

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Hello GalacticCollective (hope i pronounce it right :smile:)!

We’re still growing though, and nowadays the challenges are bigger,
but we’re excited to bring this to the next level. Regarding the pair with restaurant owners,
yes, we did that. We have some kind like tools to make restaurant owners / responsible person
easier to manage their restaurant (analytics, customer relationship dashboard, etc).

What are you working on?

Anyway, nice to know you! :wink:

We’re working on a site that helps creatives/freelancers connect with businesses who need creative help for their projects. We’re in the process of building it now but like to use this forum for feedback on ideas and concept.


Bootstrapped has already been a great community for critiques and advice.

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Just opened that site already, and it looks solid!

Hope good time would be yours and the team,
Kudos! :wink:

Hi Wilbert – and also Galactic Collective.

Both of you are building sites that connect A and B (restaurants with customers, creatives with businesses).

In his article 9 Ways to Decrease Your Chance of Bootstrapping a Successful Company Rob Walling calls out this as mistake #5

#5: Choosing an Idea with a Two-Sided Market
Having one group of people to market to is hard enough. But having to find and reign in two groups of customers is just brutal. Examples of this include Elance, eBay, Monster.com, and any sort of ad-supported website (since you have to sell to advertisers and visitors)

It can be done. It just doubles (or triples) the amount of marketing needed to get off the ground

Does that scare you?

As he says – it can be done. You would need to already be someone who is very well connected in the field you’re going into.

For example you’d need to already know a lot of Creatives, or already know a lot of Restaurants.


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Hi Leon,

Thanks for pointing that out. And, i totally agree with you.
Does that scare me? Yes, of course. But we believe :smile:
We are working hard, and hopefully become smart to minimise the ad cost
and maximise everything at our hands.

How about you Leon, are you working on something now?
Care to share here?

Anyway, do you know when could i post some link or some photo?
It said it can’t be done by new user :open_mouth:

Sorry if I increased your fright. I think it’s a brave choice, with big upside. And if you’re careful (for example don’t try to make money from both A and B) then it can work.

As for me – I’ve built some very simple products that I’ve been selling online for years, TimeSnapper and NimbleText and am currently writing a book Your First Product

I think you can post links after your first post. I seem to able to post them now and haven’t been contributing for long.

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Thanks Leon! Hope you will be succeed with your book and apps.

Cheers :smile:

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