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Hello, I'm Steve founder of FTPloy


Hi Guys!

I’ve already broken the rules and posted, but here’s my intro :smiley:

I’m the founder (and designer, developer, support, marketing…) of http://FTPloy.com, a git deployment SaaS enabling developers to deploy sites from GitHub or Bitbucket using FTP or SSH. The site is built on Laravel 4, recently ported for 3 and we’re currently working on iOS and Android apps.


Hi Steve. Welcome to the forums!


Welcome, always great to have customers stop by!


Really love Snappy! Can’t imagine support without it now.


Hey Steve, I tried out FTPloy awhile back (I think you were still in beta) and it was really cool! Hope it’s going well for you.


Ah thanks Ryan! Yeah, going well. We left beta a couple of months back and rolled out a pretty big update last month :smiley:


@steve228uk oh, nice. I’ve been using Beanstalk to do a deploy for clients but I think I’ll sign up for you before I do their next push :slight_smile: