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Hello, I'm Simon, founder of Big Blue Saw


Big Blue Saw makes it easy to order custom metal or plastic parts online.

I’m bootstrapping in a manner that I haven’t heard about. I’ve been keeping my “side business” on the back burner for about 8 years now (hard for me to believe it’s that long as I’m typing it). Anyway, I’ve got enough runway that I’m doing it full time for at least the next year.

I’m not in the business of developing software, SaaS, etc., but I find that many of the tips I’m getting from the Bootstrapped and other similar resources are very relevant. I find it odd that much general marketing advice could apply no matter what the business, yet e.g. Bootstrapped, Mixergy, etc. want it only to apply to apps or SaaS.


I’ve often though that ‘traditional’ businesses could learn a lot from startup/software businesses. Particularly in the tools that we technologically focussed people take for granted - project management, emailers, customer service tools.

Imagine if your local family lawyers used base camp to keep you updated on a house purchase… it would blow you mind!

Of course it works the other way too, if you’re running a ‘real’ shop without any customers it’s clear you’re not selling stuff people want. I think it can be easier to pretend in the software world.


True, they’re way behind, which gives me an advantage. I would have thought that instant online price quotes would be ubiquitous by now, but it’s not so. One of my manufacturing partners has a completely paper based system for keeping track of jobs. It works… MOST of the time.