Hello, I'm Ross (Current Web Dev/Former Chemical Engineer)

Hi Bootstrappers.

I am a RoR developer with the company BuildingBlok (not bootstrapped) and currently working on bootstrapping my own product on the side (nothing to show yet).

I am a former Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer and also dabbled in Materials Science in grad school. I moved on from academia and worked at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters/Keurig for a while where I developed technology for a carbonated beverage machine (you may have seen some news about this recently). I quit about 1.5 years ago and left on very good terms.

Since then I wanted to go my own way. I spent 7 months learning Ruby, Rails, HTML, JS to try to start my own business. I got mired down in everything that I had to do and didn’t have enough confidence in my development skills. So I floundered with my 1st attempt. While floundering, I talked to a friend that had a pretty mature startup (BuildingBlok) and decided to work with him to hone my development skills and build my confidence. After 8 months I finally feel ready(ish) and am currently trying to build something on the side.

I know I will have lots of questions and this community seemed like a great place. I hope I can help contribute and build this community too. So if anyone has any questions that my background could be suited for then I will happily try to help.


Hello Ross!

That sounds like an interesting history. I would love to hear more about this beverage machine technology and what you’re working on now.

I understand being unconfident in your skills. It’s quite a problem. Especially when you spend half your time around developers and half your time around non-developers. I find myself in awe of the other developers and wonder if I can fit in, and then the non-developers are amazed that I can make a functional “Hello World!” It’s a weird rollercoaster.

It’s great that you’re getting the confidence to build something on your own now. Kick that Imposter Syndrome in the butt!