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Hello, I'm Rob Allen of 19FT



I’m Rob Allen and I’ve just started my own company, Nineteen Feet as I felt it was time for a change and I really didn’t want to work for somebody else. Currently I’m consulting and have one app in the Mac AppStore called Daily Jotter. Longer term, I want to produce more software products and need to decide which one idea to actually follow through on next.



Great app idea! I like that. Also really dig the company name. Welcome aboard!


Hi Rob. Congrats on starting your new company. What’s the significance of the name?


The story behind the company name isn’t particularly interesting, unfortunately.

My nickname “everywhere on the Internet” is akrabat which has obvious gymnastic overtones so when searching for name ideas I ended up reading about gymnastics. I’ve always been a fan of numbers and one thing that I learnt was that the still rings used in the Olympics are suspended from a frame that’s nineteen feet high. I bounced the top few name choices off my wife and after a few days we still liked Nineteen Feet, so that’s the one that I registered.


It has a good sound to it. And is still more meaningful than my “Antair”, which was just a pair of syllables that don’t sound awful when put together.