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Hello, I'm Phil Anderson of BudgetSimple


You may remember me from the good old days of Business of Software forums as the guy that had a business selling Chimney Sweep software (ChimSoft). Although that was a terrible idea (it did have some sales and more or less broke even), I learned a ton of lessons from the experience.

I also created one of the first sites on the Internet for buying and selling used cars in 1995: Used Cars On-Line (I missed usedcars.com by a single month). Believe it or not, that business still provides income to this day.

I’m currently working on BudgetSimple which started bootstrapped, however I’m currently going the fundraising route and recently took a $25k investment. As someone who has done both funded and bootstrapped companies, I’ve learned the pros and cons of both, but in general believe the primary purpose of starting a business is to turn a profit (which shouldn’t have to be said, but these days…)


Of course I remember! Great to have you back. I didn’t know (or forgot) about the used car site. That’s amazing it’s still going.

Sharing how BudgetSimple goes and especially how the investment process works I’m sure will be very interesting to everyone. Looking forward to it.


I remember reading your blog and having the feeling of how unfair it was that you busted your butt getting ChimSoft off the ground, fighting for every sale, and then a used car listing website, which was seemingly just a side thing for you, started making more revenue than the product you were hoping would be your flag-ship.