Hello, I'm Paulo, bootstrapper of ConvertTalk

After some time reading and being inspired by discussions on this forum I think it’s time to introduce myself.

I’m a software developer from Brazil, mostly working with corporate services development and more recently with WooCommerce (as developer and helping my wife with her store).

I’m bootstrapping my own SaaS product called ConvertTalk, it’s a tool to help store owners make more sales trough a conversational interface.

I’m going to write another post telling more details about ConvertTalk.

Are you guys watching the Olympics? It’s being amazing!

Thank you!

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Welcome! I’m a fellow Brazilian, living in Canada now.

converttalk.com looks great. I think there’s still a lot of money to be made optimizing e-commerce platforms.

Congrats on launching! How does chatting through Facebook differ to say a live chat? If the customer isn’t on Facebook does it fallback to something more traditional?


ConvertTalk is different because it features is focus on the business, the store owner will have the store on their hand to convert that talk into a sale. It’s a live chat but with a specialized e-commerce tool on hand.

I just made another post with more details and yes we have plans to add more communication channels over time.


Hi, @intelligentcoder, nice to see Brazilians here!

Have a nice day!