Hello. I'm Jana from PureEdit.io

Hi all. I’ve been following this forum for a while and appreciate the great discussions about bootstrapping businesses. I’m making my first post here hoping to get some feedback from you all on my newest venture.

I’ve been providing proofreading and editing services as a consultant for the past 15+ years. Last year, I decided to formalize and automate my offerings by founding PureEdit, an editorial services agency targeting businesses that generate high quality content on a recurring basis. For PureEdit, I built a new website using Authentic Pixels’ template. I’m still working out some small design issues but would appreciate any feedback on the business, website design, or anything else you want to comment on.



You have 12MB big background image which loads super slowly:

> http://pureedit.io/img/bgs/pexels-photo-170450.jpg

Either reduce it it replace it with something smaller.

More important, first sentence is a bit confusing:

Get professional proofreading and editing with PureEdit, an automated service dedicated to transforming your writing into high quality content

Confusing part is “automated service”. First thought is - this is something like google translate, where machine does the (low quality) job. Further reading suggests it’s not done by machine but by humans, but it could be already too late for those who jumped to wrong conclusion.

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Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t realize how big (or slow) that image was. “Automated” was a recent addition that I was unsure about for exactly the reasons you mentioned, so I took it back out. Thanks!

Seems like a great idea to me. A few points come to mind for me. These may be easier said than done if it’s based on a template, but hopefully there’s a way to make some tweaks without too much trouble.

My main advice would be to try making the free 250-word sample edit more obvious. There’s a chance that you get too many of them and it wouldn’t scale well, but you could always downplay it if that happens. With a personal product like this, I’d be willing to bet that those sample edits would be a really powerful opportunity to make an impression.

I would also advise not hiding the navigation in a drop down menu, and I’d emphasize the “Meet our chief editor” part. With a service like this, that’s a huge point. Making it clear that it’s a personal service with direct interaction can be powerful. Seeing the real human, and your qualifications, behind a service like this is a pretty big trust signal.

Best of luck!

Happy to know that my template was of help (I run Authentic Pixels)!

I noticed that you have replaced the background image with one that is smaller. You can also try reducing the height of that section (Words Matter.). There’s a lot of empty space below the button.

Also, for me, the center aligned text (Finding a good freelance editor is hard…) is a bit hard to read. Maybe you can try splitting it into 2 columns and making it left aligned?

You can also try combining all the JS files into a single file. It might help speed up the site.

Love it! Great copy (no surprise there). Great, focused, niche offering. Love the free offer as well.

I first saw it on my phone and I think the phone layout is a bit more focused than the desktop layout.

Best of luck!!