Hello, I'm Ivan from Chile

I just discovered the podcast and the forum after getting to joelonsoftware.com closed forum via Google.

We have a small studio with my wife who’s digital artist and we were doing video games (Flash, iOS, Unity3d) previously, mostly for clients. Game development always was a tough industry due to its hit-driven nature but in the last years it became barely profitable for both client projects and independent ones.

I moved to app development and bootstrapped a time tracker for Mac that I always wanted – Qbserve. It had a very successful launch on HN and PH, so now I’m trying to make it my full time business.

Apps for Mac is not a very popular market, so I hope I can find some information here and share our experience.


Welcome, Ivan. Nice to see you here.

I downloaded and checked out Qbserve when it was on Hacker News. I was very impressed, even if I can’t work out how to pronounce it.

It is polished, complete, smooth and has an excellent UI, all qualities I struggle with in my own software. I hope this does soon become your full time business.

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Thank you, it’s “cube-serve” in our opinion. :slight_smile:

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The very first thing I see when I go to your site is a pink bar saying:

“Qbserve does not support Firefox site tracking. We hope to fix it soon, sorry!”

I had no idea what that meant and it left me rather confused. After a while I guessed it meant automatic time tracking. But I don’t think that is the first thing you should see.

Its a bigger market than most people think.

Good luck!

Thank you!

I hope we’ll soon remove it completely. Firefox support shouldn’t be hard – I’m just too short on time right now to write an extension for it.