Hello, I'm Holger, greetings from Step #1 of Rob's Stairstep

Hello Bootstrappers!

I have been following the discussions and the podcast for quite some time and thought I’d make it official.

My background: I live in Germany, and started my career working some years for a large enterprise.
As the corporate-reality sucked the life out of me I decided to quit. Since two years I am working as a freelancer doing development in various niches.

And of course I am working on some side projects, mainly plugins for WordPress and Joomla.

At this in point in time I don’t want to reveal my products as I might have some trouble coming up in regards to the brand names. More on that in a separate thread which I will post later. Cliffhanger alarm…

Like many of the forum members I would not mind to have the side projects become my main gig eventually.
However revenue is just not there, yet.

Thus for now I greet you from step #1 of Rob’s stairstep approach.


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Seems like Rob Walling is becoming the Dave Ramsey of the bootstrapper world. It’s all about the baby steps!