Hello! I'm Diego and I'm building Distajob, first remote job listing website in spanish


Hello guys!

I’m new here, so I’ll briefly introduce myself: My name is Diego, and I’m an entrepreneur based in Mexico City. This year I have the goal to develop 6 startups, and I’ve been working in the first one which is almost ready to launch.

I’m looking for entrepreneurs, or company representatives, who are interested in hiring latin american remote workers (in spanish) to fill vacancies or do freelance jobs.

My product is the first remote jobs listing website in spanish, targeting Latin America and Spain, and I would like to have more than 30 listings published before public release, which is scheduled to be between March 5 to 9 (depending if we meet this goal).

The idea is to launch the service with several job vacancies published, because our goal is to take advantage of the innovation that the product has to make a strong ads and public relations strategy in the 19 Spanish-speaking countries, and then grow the visits to this job vacancies, and the page in general.

The publication of these job vacancies will be like classified ads (although much more beautiful and effective) with a very low and accessible price (let’s call it a preview price), which is very low compared to what LinkedIn charges or other remote job listing websites.

For this test the price for a regular listing is $29 USD, and for a highlighted listing (logo and double exposure) will be $49 USD.

The listing will be available in the website for 30 days, starting the day of the official launch (and the publication of the press release in some media).

If any of you are interested, or know of someone who is, in posting a remote vacancy in Spanish with us, please write me and I will give you the information to proceed; or just register in the website.

Thank you very much!



Hola a todos!

Soy nuevo por acá, así que aprovecharé de presentarme: Me llamo Diego, y soy un emprendedor basado en Ciudad de México. Este año tengo la meta de desarrollar 6 startups, y estoy en los detalles finales de la primera a lanzar.

Estoy en la búsqueda de emprendedores, o representantes de empresas, que estén interesados en contratar trabajadores iberoamericanos de forma remota, en español, para llenar vacantes o hacer trabajos freelance.

Mi producto es el primer directorio en español de trabajos a distancia, con target en toda Latinoamérica y España. El objetivo es tener al menos 30 vacantes publicadas antes del lanzamiento, programado para que sea entre el 5 y el 9 de marzo (dependiendo si llegamos a la meta de vacantes publicadas).

La idea es salir al mercado con varias vacantes, porque nuestro objetivo es aprovechar la innovación que el producto tiene para realizar una fuerte apuesta por publicidad y relaciones públicas en los 19 países castellano-parlantes, para crecer las visitas de estas vacantes, y de la página en general.

La publicación de estas vacantes será a modo de anuncio clasificado (aunque mucho más bonito y efectivo, claro) con un precio muy bajo y accesible (precio de preview, digamos), que es muy bajo comparado con lo que cobra LinkedIn u otras páginas de su estilo.

Para esta prueba, el precio de una vacante regular será de $29 USD, y por una vacante destacada (con logo y doble exposición) será de $49 USD.

La publicación estará disponible por 30 días a partir de la fecha de lanzamiento, en la que esperamos se publique nuestra nota de prensa en los principales medios de comunicación de Iberoamérica.

Si alguno de ustedes está interesado, o conoce de alguien que esté, en publicar una vacante remota en español con nosotros, por favor escríbame y le daré los datos para continuar; o regístrese en la página.

¡Muchas gracias!



Hi Diego.
Great going, all the best!

Is Distajob essentialy https://remoteok.io/ but in spanish ? What is differentiation and do you feel there are enough remote jobs for spanish only community ?

Hi, Stan! Thank you so much for reading me.

Well, actually our product indeed is inspired in all the remote movement that has been taking place in the US for so long. But, it’s been adapted to our region’s needs.

For example, we have only 4 days promoting our website with very, very modest efforts in social media, and more than 600 people from 19 spanish-speaking countries have subscribed to our newsletter. That’s a huge amount of people wanting to work with great companies and contribute to great ideas.

And we actually don’t now yet if there are that many remote jobs in spanish like they are in english, but part of our differentiation is that we will be offering companies the possibility to post vacancies in english, and we translate them to spanish, so they can reach more bilingual candidates for their remote jobs; which can be very beneficial and make the company more globally aware.

We know that part of our job by entering the market will be to share the value that remote work offers companies, and the amount of money they can save by doing it.

For example, one thing about Latin America is that the cost of living is very low compared to places like Canada, and the US, so wages are lower (based on the needs of the people) and we believe that’s a huge advantage to hire remote latinos. Also, we are the third region with higher tertiary education in the world, even beating Asia and the Middle East, so that’s a very good deal for companies all over the world.

We’ve seen recently how Apple or Amazon are looking for latinos to work remotely with them, as an example of what I’m telling you here. So we feel very excited to be the firsts offering companies this opportunity that other websites or LinkedIn just don’t.

Do you have any vacancies you would like to post with us, or any advice or opinion you want to give us?

Hi from Chile! Maybe you can share it to #ofertas-laborales in this Spanish-speaking Slack, there are almost 2k participants (though most aren’t active as it’s usually in Slacks).

Hola Ivan!

Thank you so much, I just joined. Have an awesome week!