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Hello, I'm Charlie


Hi All,
I’ve posted a few questions on here but not introduced myself, so it’s time to fix that.

I’m Charlie, a freelancer from sunny Wales in the UK, been out on my own for about a year now, which financially can be hard especially when your trying to support a family with 2 kids, but the benefits far outweigh the downsides.

Alongside client work, I have got a few games in both the Android and IOS app stores, but the mobile space is getting much harder since the big boys have moved in. My stuff is largely based on ad revenue and the advertisers just aren’t paying much any more and I don’t earn much from sales or IAP. They still earn around $500/month, but this is down from over $2k. So I’ve decided to try my hand at a SAAS app and see if I can grow something into a real business. I have loads of abandoned projects on my harddrive so I’ve decided to pick one of them and get it finished and go from there, at the moment I’m keeping quiet about what it is, but lets just say that there aren’t too many similar products in the space and the ones that are appear to be lucrative.

But like everyone else, the coding isn’t the problem, although security needs to be super tight on my project, so that’s worrying, but the marketing is going to be the real tough bit.


Hi Charlie!

Not a pentester, but if it’s a programming language/framework that I understand then I’d be happy to give your codebase a quick once over. Not promising that I’ll catch any vulnerabilities but an extra pair of eyes can’t hurt.

Yep! I have a simple rule: if I haven’t been paid for a bit of software (pre-order) by a real customer, I don’t start work on coding it. This forces me to go out and actually sell things before building them.

Good hunting!


Welcome Charlie, great to have you on board.


Thanks Ian, it’s a good thing you’ve got going here. It’s about time you had another Podcast out though :wink:


Heh, we’re working on it :smile: it’s amazing how much time they take to do!