Hello, I'm Bryan from AmazeLaw

Hello -

I’ve been lurking a bit and trying to provide some thoughts wherever I can add value, but thought I’d introduce myself. I’m currently the CEO of a funded startup, but my passion has always been to bootstrap my own small software company. To that end, I’ve been spending off hours working on a product called AmazeLaw, a simplified CMS for solo and small firm attorneys.

I’m a few years into running software companies and have made TONS of mistakes that I hope to dissuade others from making, but I’m learning a lot from folks here and I hope I can pass along a few nuggets whenever possible.

Feel free to reach out here or in twitter @LostMahbles.


I actually heard your product on the latest Boostrapped with Kids podcast episode early this morning. I went and checked your site out imediatley and I liked your product explanation. Sales page like but without the snake oil.

It kind of reminded me of Nathan Barry’s Convert Kit home page. He’s since changed it due to product change ( i think he has a blog post about the creation of it though ). Like you, he sought preorders at the end of the page.

I’ve always wondered how do you ask for a pre order for a product that doesnt exist. But after reading both of your sites it doesn’t feel awkward at all. I think these style of pages may become a lot more popular especially if the idea of getting preorders becomes more popular.

One thing though - on your pre order table, although you stated earlier that you can get 3 months at a discount, the pricing at the bottom is a little confusing.

If i remember correctly you state the monthly price, then show the monthly deduction but then immediately show the full 3 month ammount. But none of the values are labelled. I was wondering exactly what that last price was for and how it was derived.

Of course I did figure it out - but there was a a split second of confusion. Might be an idea to spell it out “3 months @ xxx$” for stupid people like me :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you plan to get traffic? Are there enough lawyers searching for you product? Be interesting to hear your general marketing strategy.

Anyway nice site and welcome to the board.

Thanks for the feedback. You’re right, it’s a very similar approach to Nathan Barry’s. In fact, I modeled a lot of the original copy off of it, just to get the juices flowing, and it just kind of worked. I don’t know if I’ll stick with the approach, as I think it may actually be more effective to narrow down the call to action to optimize for email conversion, then do a more standard slow launch.

We shall see. I haven’t actually taken any money as a) I’m not positive it’s legal, and b) once I’ve walked someone through the sales conversation to the point where they’re willing to give me their digits ,I consider that signal enough as I’m not actually trying to use the funds to build it, just as a way to talk to prospective customers and focus my marketing messages and product offering to those that actually have an intent to buy at that price point.

You’re not the first person that has brought up that pricing quirk either, I can certainly be more clear.

Thanks for the feedback!

That looks like a great idea for an app and the design is absolutely beautiful. Also, I love your username!

Did you already have a group of lawyers in your network when you were developing this app?

I would love to hear about all those mistakes you mention.