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Hello. I'm Andrey. My software company is Antair


I’m Andrey. I started Antair back in 2005. Before that, I was a developer for various financial firms on Wall Street.

In the context of this forum, some of you may know me as the co-host of the Bootstrapped.fm podcast, along with @ianlandsman.

Antair, up to this point, has mostly been about mobile apps. We built apps, primarily for BlackBerry, before there was such a thing as an app store, or really a mobile market in general.

Over the years, we’ve released dozens of products – most are mobile applications, a few are not – most were our own products, a few were for various clients.

Our latest product is called Uberdeck, a SaaS app that allows mobile developers to send marketing campaigns directly to their mobile apps.

You can follow my weekly adventures on the Bootstrapped.fm podcast, but if you have specific questions, feel free to post them here.

Hola! Ian Landsman from UserScape