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Hello, I'm Alberto, freelancer and bootstraper



I’m Alberto and with my partners we are bootstrapping Backbeam, a Backend as a service platform for both mobile and web apps. If you want to learn more about our product our suggestion is to read the blog :slight_smile:

Like others in this forum I’m a 30x500 alumni. We are based in Spain but I’m moving to USA at the end of this year.

This is not the first company I’ve started. I have previous experience with other online projects. One of them was invested and we got featured at Techcrunch. But we changed our business model several times, we didn’t get enough traction, we ran out of money, etc.

This time we are using our own resources. We’ve been freelancing a lot to earn enough money. Our product is now mature enough and we’ve started to market it in Spain. We’re going to start our marketing strategy in a few weeks after we finish one key feature of our platform.

Cheers, Alberto


Welcome to the forums, Alberto! We’re in a similar space, product-wise. :smile:


Thanks @andrey

Uberdeck is really interesting. I’m going to recommend it to a couple of friends.


Thanks! Much appreciated.


Welcome and congrats on shipping :slight_smile: