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Hello I am Yash from treft systems


Hello everyone
Really glad to find this forum. I am an aspiring bootstrapper and entrepreneur. Currently, I am doing consulting but working on a SAAS product on the side. I wish i had something to show but not yet. It is primarily a niche SAAS app for capital markets technology recruiting. I am building it in Python and Flask framework primarily for backend and considering my design skills are zero, I am playing with Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks as well.


Welcome, Yash.

Regarding design, if you’re interested in going from total incompetence to a couple notches above total incompetence, I highly recommend The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams (Robin Williams the author, not the hairy-knuckled Mrs. Doubtfire star). It teaches a few fundamental principles of design and it really opened my eyes and improved my design abilities.


As a fellow developer with limited skills, I’d highly recommend:

  1. Using Bootstrap
  2. Buying a HTML5 Bootstrap theme and adapting it for your needs.

In the same way that you can buy a theme for Wordpress now you can just buy a HTML bundle that you can easily chop into your flask app.

One trick if you want to find a theme that will work well for an application (as compared to a landing page or portfolio site or something) is to search for “admin themes”.

Checkout http://www.wrapbootstrap and or (full disclosure - my site) http://www.themesforbootstrap.com


Thanks Jason and mbuckbee. The book looks great and just ordered a copy. And thanks for clarifying Robin Williams :). I would have definitely thought about the actor otherwise. I have also checked out wrapbootstrap and also the themesofbootstrap.com. Will take a closer look.