Hello, I am Sajid, solo founder of AXSAR Solo


Nice to meet you all.

  • I am Sajid, solo founder of AXSAR Solo
  • AXSAR Solo is an all-in-one workspace for small teams. It allows them to run all aspects of their small business using a single SaaS solution. Managing clients, sales, service, invoices, files, activities, notes, files.
  • In 2008, I built a classified platform in Finland for cars, jobs, and real estate. Unfortunately, I didn’t had proper experience in building it as a proper business and it result in 10,000 euros loss. Great lessons learned!
  • In 2011, I developed an app that has been downloaded by over 4,000,000 users and has generated six figure $ revenues.
  • In my day time, I work as a Solutions Architect in the e-commerce space.
  • I have an MBA degree from Finland/US, and an MSc Software Engineering degree from Finland.
  • Right now, I live in London.

Best regards,
Founder, AXSAR Solo


Hi Sajid,

Welcome. And here’s the link to your product: https://www.axsar.com/axsar-solo.html

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Thanks @unboot for adding the link to AXSAR Solo!