Hello, Howard from IVO

Hey guys,

I’ve been starting to really get my SaaS application going lately and have been working on our landing page, feature list, etc. I have some customers I have a few users but haven’t yet started contacting local companies that I’ve worked with before in the construction industry. I’d really appreciate any feedback you might have and any suggestions for where to advertise.



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Welcome Howard!

I had a quick look at your home page. It looks like the type of product that might benefit from advertising on LinkedIn.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve got one running right now, started this morning.

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I’ve noticed that Google ads give me a lot more clicks per $ spent. Is it worth spending 10x as much for the Linkedin clicks?

Would you recommend breaking up the landing page into separate pages? Right now all I’m able to track is how much time they spend on one page, if and how far through the video they get and whether or not they submit the form. I notice about 80% of my visitors are mobile so I’m thinking about either adding the video or photos to the top of the page since right now there’s a lot of text before they see a screenshot. Also going to be adding captions to the video.


You need to answer that yourself by measuring it because there are no universal answers.

Measure the full progress of the prospect through your funnel, and work out what the cost/LTV is.

If you work out the answer in your particular case, it would be great if you shared back here.

Here are some guidelines I’ve gleaned over the years for online advertising:

  • Use a custom landing page for each ad campaign. The landing page MUST be a smooth continuation of the message in your ad. If the ad says “Efficiently track and manage your company equipment”, etc, then the landing page should say the same, and explain how you offer this.
  • Expect the first month of advertising on a platform (say, Google Adwords, or LinkedIn) to be an expensive learning experience with little result
  • Try several variations of your ad simultaneously
  • Measure and tweak repeatedly
  • Use the advertising platform’s targeting options to narrow down as much as possible the people who see your ads.
  • The visual you choose to use is really important. The visual from the LinkedIn ad you posted in a screenshot above looks less than ideal. I don’t think a low-detail screenshot of your app is the right thing to use. But I could be wrong, so measure and tweak!
  • Some people recommend indirect ads work much better. By “indirect ad” I mean that instead of promoting your product, promote a blog post. The blog post then invites people to sign up for a newsletter, trial, or demo. Then, using the acquired email address you can send a series of sales emails.

I didn’t have much luck with the ads and think my efforts are best spent doing cold calls & emails at this point. I know long term growth needs to come from online marketing but don’t have the time to devote to crafting a serious plan right now. I did notice that those coming from Linkedin seemed to stay on the site longer and the bounce % was less but didn’t get anyone to fill out my contact form.

I used to have a free trial signup link on my main page which brought in some people but took it down. Do you think the free trial would be really effective? Thanks for the advice which I did read right after you posted, I apologize for my late reply.