Hello everyone, I'm Yemi, finding a voice!

Hi all,

I’m Yemi, I recently started thinking about how to step out on my own having had experience as a developer and now working as development manager and came across bootstrapped.fm which I have really enjoyed.

I am still trying to find a product idea but as a start am working with a friend to kick start a blog focused on the alignment of technical and project management aspects of product delivery.

I also have other blogging projects in the pipeline particularly around writing about my journey of using grails, a Java framework, and BDD for any product I eventually come up with.

I hope to be a fully involved member of this forum.


Welcome, Yemi! Best of luck on the journey!

Thanks, looking forward to the journey

Hi Yemi,

That sounds quite abstract! You might want to re-frame it as something more concrete and business focussed (e.g. ‘how to talk to developers’).

Thanks Andy for the suggestion.

We are currently working on how we’ll pitch the blog as am from the technical side whilst my friend is a project manager.

Our thinking is to blog about the distrust/communication gap between the different groups (stakeholders, product managers/project managers, design/ux, developers ) that need to deliver projects.