Hello, Divya from expiryalerts.com

Hi folks,

I’m a developer residing in NYC building cool things in my spare time.

I have some product ideas but I usually don’t end up finishing and launching them.

I’ve spent a few weeks on my latest idea and hopefully I can launch it soon.

Looking forward to chatting with you all.


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Welcome Divya. Whats the idea about?

@shantnu Sorry for being delayed. I didn’t want to share something I might not have finished.

It’s somewhat ready now – here you go https://expiryalerts.com

I have a lot of domains/certs that I manage and I needed a simple way to keep track of their SSL expiry. The site sends alerts to phone/email or slack; 30, 14 and 1 day before expiry.


Imagine how big is this problem within corporate networks, with hundreds and thousands of TLS-protected endpoints. Unfortunately, your service won’t work for them, as most of the endpoints are not exposed to outer worlds. You may think of a hosted solution tho - may be a plugin for Sharepoint?

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Good idea. I haven’t written to Sharepoint before but I’ll take a look.

I do agree that you could benefit from a way to get info from inside firewalls (though perhaps its not essential for the MVP) but IMHO a SharePoint ‘plugin’ may not be the right way to go.

  • I imagine that to do this you’re creating a service/agent that you can deploy inside a customers firewall but that communicates with your site (basically a deploy-able version of whatever you use for externally accessible sites).
  • If you make it run inside SharePoint then you’re limiting yourself then to customers who have SharePoint (on premises not 365) servers AND are willing to install extra software on them - but then the question is why unless the UI is also surfaced via SharePoint (which of course means duplicating all the UI / alerting logic as well).
  • Of course some companies would appreciate a non SaaS app - something where they can run everything internally without worrying about - what is this agent doing when its communicating with this outside website. But I think this is pretty much a separate product.

In summary, I personally would :-

  • Keep it as is until you’ve proven a market
  • Think about adding an agent that can be deployed inside firewall if there is demand.
  • Later think about a totally self contained ‘on premises’ version if you get demand.

Usually I see the “inside firewall” stuff setup as enterprise pricing.

This thing is awesome! I don’t think I would pay for it yet but it seems very useful so far.