Hello Bootstrappers - I am Christoph

Hi folks,

I noticed that I never really introduced myself, so…
My name is Christoph, I am 30 years old and live near Munich, Germany (if you ever get close, let me know - the beer is on me!)

I am working on LinksSpy.com - a SaaS that helps SEOs build better links. It analyzes backlinks of your competition and tells you which websites to reach out to for a link.

I’ve written a blog post about my launch and the mistakes I made here:



Thanks for the write-up! Interesting read.

As my goal is to be able to live off LinksSpy’s revenue in 2022 (no kidding there; that really is my goal)

Don’t forget to update us in 2022! :smiley:

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LinksSpy is pretty cool, I paid for a month of it. I think what you’ll have to do is try and get people to keep paying for it, or raise prices. I got most of the value out of it in that first month that I think I’d get out of it for the year.

It’s definitely worth checking out though, it does what it says, and does it well.

The prices page looks weird on FF.

I thought it was a CSS error. But I realized after a while that it is wrapping the columns. But I don’t think that is a good idea. Also the ‘get started’ text on the green buttons is quite blurry.

Is there no free trial? I really want to try something before I pay. Especially if it is a monthly commitment.

Hi Andy,

thanks for letting me know about the columns wrapping around.

At the moment there is no free trial, but I’ll (hopefully within the next 2 weeks) be able to offer one. I’ll let you know.


Hey Christoph, long time no see dude. how are you?

If I click the “FAQ” link on the bottom - looks like I’m on a totally new website. If i click “CONTACT” there - the top-menu font changes. Then, if click “home” - i’m back to the “normal” site.

The idea is brilliant (defintely trying this next month) but the website glitches might stop someone from signing up…

Hi Alex,

I’m good, thanks. How are you?

You are absolutely right about the different websites and I can see that this might push people away.
I’m trying to keep the “content” on WordPress (the app is Rails), because it is much easier to manage that way. I didn’t have time/wasn’t willing to invest the money to get a coherent layout for both.


Just move the app to a subdomain, and keep the site on wordpress. I guess you’re halfway there with “app.linksspy.com”.

Do you have your own crawlers to discover links or you’re using API-calls to ahrefs/majestic?

The app is already on app.linksspy.com - which site would you want to keep on www.linksspy.com?
Do you mean the root/marketing page?

I use Moz as data provider.

I see that. Most people land on the root page, which is - “the app”, not “the site”. But then if you navigate using the bottom FAQ link - you get to a whole new structure with a whole new design, with some “articles” section and some areas not even present on previous design. This is no good for SEO. And the header-logo points to “www.”, but “www” redirects back to “app”. This is a) confusing b) SEO screwups is not something you’d expect from a SEO-tool

Hi Alex,

you’re right on that this is confusing, but I’d argue that it is not a SEO screwup (intentional 302 redirect).
Nonetheless I’ll see what I can do to make both sites look&feel the same.

302 loses link-juice, and the homepage is the MOST linked page on your site :smile:

Which is what I want: I want to build links to www. because I plan on moving the marketing website over to WP.
It was just easier to get started that way.

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