Have you got any SEO effect from 'free' backlinks

Hi everyone,
I need to decide on link building strategy for a new website (local psychological consulting). Previously I have done a seo for my other website (startrinity.com) and spent 0 usd for the backlinks. I have got into google top3. now I want to hire someone to make backlinks for the new website but they say that free links don’t work. what experience do you have and what would you advise? what kinds of free backlinks do work for seo?

I do pretty well at getting free backlinks from good sites that have nothing to do with my product. I do this, kind of by accident, by:

  • writing to owners of sites and products I’ve bought and like telling them why I like their product.
  • blogging about which products I’ve used that I’ve been very pleased with.

It seems people like compliments, and many site owners are searching for good testimonials.

As far as I can tell, these backlinks are not very valuable these days.

It seems that the quality of your content is becoming ever more important for good SEO.

thanks for your answer, one more question to folks: what are technical reasons for ‘paid’ links to be better?

What makes you think ‘paid’ links are better? I don’t think that is likely.

it was opinion of freelancer that I was going to hire, so I’ve got confused

it was opinion of freelancer that I was going to hire, so I’ve got confused

It doesn’t sound like very good advice.


How is that supposed to work? The only way I can imagine to make backlinks is by posting spammy crap in all sorts of places. - That is going to harm your SEO!

You can legitimately create some free backlinks by entering your site in all sorts of directories. Done in moderation, it probably does help a little, but those sites do not bear to much weight in SEO.

In general, links from quality, authoritative sites work best for SEO. An essential factor for a high quality site is that it will only add backlinks to other sites that have quality content and are relevant to their visitors. So while you don’t have to (and cannot) pay for these links, they are not free either, because you only get them if you invested in good content on your site.

thanks for answer, I already have high quality linkable content and I can create more content. I meant creating links from quality websites to high quality content. I think I should not pay anything for the high-quality content