Have you [considered] switched to Google Tag Manager?

I’m revamping our Google Analytics and thought this would be a good time to add support for Google Tag Manager.

Has anyone done that or considered doing it?

We use it at my day job. Works fine, nothing to overthink imo.

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Our website has been using it from the beginning. As I recall, at the time of setting up the analytics, I spent a little time understanding the alternatives and “Google Tag Manager” is what I selected. It has been working fine.

Apologize to be n00b… can anyone explain what is purpose of google tag manager? (i already use google analytics to some level)

It’s to let your marketing team add event tracking without code changes. For example, if marketing starts a new Facebook campaign, they can then track the Facebook conversion via Google Tag Manager.

BTW, we switched back to the latest “regular” google analytics. GTM had too many exceptions. For example, it couldn’t handle Google Analytics Experiments. So we’d have to have the analytics done differently on that page. Life on the Bleeding edge… is bloody.