Has anyone used Twitter to find ideas for products online?

I’m not a Twitter user, but out of curiosity, I searched for some topics that I am interested in. It was interesting to see many people asking questions and asking for help on a variety of topics. I am not sure how they can be helped in 140 characters but it was interesting to watch.

Has anyone found an idea for an app/product on Twitter? What is the methodology you used?

I have a notebook with interesting ideas collected from twitter. I look at it time to time to see if I can create a new product. So far, I didn’t get any ideas that pushed me to develop one (though I got the idea for current product from a FB post). I use two methods:

Follow this handle: https://twitter.com/IsThereASite
People ask ‘Is there a tool…’: https://t.co/8RjlhDQQuJ . Note those questions and see if you can develop one.

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