Handling offline payments in Stripe

Hey everyone,

I use Stripe to handle all my credit card processing requirements however I need a way to handle payments from customers who can’t use a credit card. After doing some digging around I think I have found a suitable work around:


It’s not something I would want to do frequently but for one off’s it seems alright.

Does anyone have a better method for handling offline payments when Stripe is involved?

Do you have a significant number of would-be customers wanting offline payments? If not, I’d highly recommend not doing it.

Adding offline payments might add a couple of sales per month while significantly complicating your payment processing. Meanwhile you are using up the time you could have spent doing much higher ROI improvements (like adding PayPal support, if you haven’t added it yet).

Not a significant number so my proposition has been they would need to select an annual plan to reduce the amount of manual work needed. Essentially it’s something I would only offer for large corporate accounts.

If you’re selling to businesses offline payment is pretty important though there are well known examples that don’t provide it of course. We’ve built everything out custom since it was all done before Stripe :slight_smile: but this method above looks ok. Just setup a simple way to track those for now and you can always build something more complex later.

For reference about 50% of HelpSpot customers pay by bank transfer for check.

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Thanks. That was my thought process, it’s only a few requests right now so manual is fine.

Would Square be a solution? They have a really easy solution for offline payements, with a small card reader to plug on your phone: https://squareup.com/pos/payments.
Not linked to Striped, but you can reconsolidate money after.

Hes not talking about taking cc over phone - its about getting payment via cheque / wire transfers etc.

Thanks for the suggestion but I need to handle non credit card transactions. Stripe has me covered for the cc.

Stripe are already accepting bank transfers as payments in the US, hopefully they’ll extend support to other countries at some point.

In the UK you can use GoCardless maybe in Canada there is another provider?

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What about a Borderless account? Gives you bank accounts in GBP, Euro, USD & AUD. https://transferwise.com/gb/borderless