Gumroad alternatives

I’m about to release a downloadable product and looking at different checkout/fulfillment options. Gumroad seems pretty popular. Any other good alternatives? I was considering rolling my own but I don’t really want to waste the time.

These are all good:




Also, read this similar topic from last December.

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Wow, I was just trying to reply to the December topic and saw this. There are LOTS of negative reviews/experiences out there with Gumroad. E.g. Closed accounts, money never received. Also little public response from GR since 2015 and layoffs to boot.

Can anyone here who is still using Gumroad share their experience? I’m checking out the others, but I already have been gathering a mailing list on Gumroad and don’t want to switch. Don’t want to be pennywise and pound foolish either. I will not be handling my own VAT stuff.

I was finding a lot of negative Gumroad info also which is why I put the question out there. Sendowl looks promising for what I need.

I’ve been using Plasso with my book for a while, and it’s been great. It’s also getting a lot of additional options and upgrades lately. I’d definitely recommend it if it meets all your needs.

Looking to see if anyone will post anything positive about Gumroad. My use case is somewhat complex and their built-in audience tools are worth the cost. Actually, for my price point, they are substantially cheaper than Paddle which is probably my second choice. Sendowl doesn’t yet have the functionality I need and is a little more difficult to configure at this point.

I’ve also emailed their support, so we’ll see how they do on Monday?

I have been using DPD ( for about three years.

What I especially like is that their pricing is flat rate, i.e. a fixed monthly fee for a certain number of products and no revenue share.

They also integrate with Zapier, offer HTTP Webhhooks when purchases happen and a REST API so that you can integrate it nicely with your business processes.

What features to y’all need that Gumroad or another has that others don’t?

For downloadable products or paid services, I’ve rolled my own on WordPress using GravityForms with the Stripe Add-on and MailChimp integrated.

Kitetail is still in development, but looks like it could be an interesting solution.

I’ve been using Gumroad for just over a year and it’s actually a really great product, but the concerns about it sort of being on life support are pretty real :confused:

Their iOS dashboard app stopped working last July and hasn’t worked since, tons of documentation is stale, certain pages mention features that don’t even exist anymore, etc.

A few months ago their webhook queues were down for 3 days before anyone there even noticed and tried to sort it out :pensive:

It’s one of my favorite tools I pay for, but the fears of it being under-maintained have been enough to push me to start building my own tool to replace it.

Kitetail is still in development, but looks like it could be an interesting solution.

This is actually what I’m working on :blush: Since throwing up that landing page I’ve expanded the scope to be a more complete Gumroad competitor with first class support for downloadable products in addition to just webhooks, but haven’t put together an updated landing page yet.

I’m trying to build one tool that will let me run my entire info product business, which at the moment includes a book and a course. I make a full-time living from those products right now, so I’m really invested in designing and building a tool that will make it as easy as possible to continue being successful with that business.

Even if it doesn’t take off as a SaaS business, worst case scenario is I’ll have what I think is the best platform out there for continuing to grow and launch my training products.

I’m still a month or two out from inviting on any early alpha users, but if anyone is interested in learning more about it I’d love to chat.

I’ve been trying the Nathan-Barry-build-it-in-public thing which has been fun, can follow along with that here if you’re interested:


I’m looking to release a plugin product. Don’t need many features beyond a secure download link and ideally key generation. I have a Stripe account I use for a different service I run, so I want something will use Stripe for a payment gateway without nailing me with additional transaction fees. SendOwl looks promising on all fronts for my needs.

Need auto-generated license keys and Gumroad allows variants as well.
Need to not worry about VAT and easy worldwide use.
Need not to be tethered to Paypal

Like to have customer-emailing capabilities,
Like Zapier Integration
Ease of use (junior coder here)

Adam, KiteTail looks very interesting. In your marketing copy you seem to have addressed the major pain points that people encounter soon enough when they start out with a simple Stripe-only checkout process.

Kite tail looks interesting. I just use woo commerce to sell my word to HTML software

What would the advantage be of using a third party tool?

For example VAT. As you sell to consumers, you must charge a German consumer German VAT, an Austrian …

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For a year I haven’t had any delay with receiving my money from Gumroad. But I haven’t created any new products on their platform this year either. This thread came up on my Google results bec I just realized that Gumroad STILL doesn’t allow prices over $5K. I was about to sign up for Celery but it appears they’ve been MIA - complete radio silence on twitter / facebook / email.

My problem is I need a checkout w/ pre-orders, quarterly and annual subscriptions features to help validate and fund my beta app.

The suggestions that you mentioned doesn’t appear to offer pre-orders or pre-sales.

Any suggestions?

never mind spoke too soon Plasso & Paddle offers pre-orders and a lot of flexibility w/ the subscription tiers! I learned the hard way it’s better to develop and test the value prop, market and biz model more so than the product these days. Thanks!

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