Guide: How to build an audience from scratch or promote a product (

Hey guys,

Since one of the biggest issues the most beginner bootstrapper like me and also actually many existing businesses as well are facing, is how to promote their product, get the first customers, to grow their business and marketing in general.

That’s why and because there are so many great resources out there I decided to learn that ultimately and to start a free, once-weekly email newsletter with news, links, articles, case studies and hacks facing this topic and a community where we can discuss all that and learn together.

So, if you are interested I would be very happy if you would subscribe to my new newsletter. The first guides or series will be about how to build an audience from scratch, also with some experiments and articles about my own efforts. I would be also very happy about any feedback and input.

This is my site here.


Note that indiehackers just wrote something on this.

Well. So you did not do that yourself yet, and you promise people to teach them the skill? 300% increase, no less?

Sounds like a misrepresentation.

I have no troubles to subscribe to say Justin Jackson’s podcasts, where he openly admits he knows nothing, and going to learn as he goes - and it is actually fun to watch. Early Startups for the Rest of Us was the same. But you, I believe, is starting with a wrong foot.

Having said that, good luck.

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Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. You are right, the 300% increase is too much. I thought that it would be just a more appealing headline, but it is really a misrepresentation, so I changed it. I like Justin Jacksons stuff as well and thanks for the ‘Early Startups for the Rest of Us’ recommendation.

Can I ask, what you like about JJ and the other podcasts the most and what makes you believe that I started with a wrong foot, except the 300% thing?

By the way, I like your name :slight_smile:

Thx again

Justin’s podcasts fall under a “journey” category (I believe this is how it is called), when the host takes the listener along a path to some goal, openly discussing all ups and downs on the way.

You’re promising results that apparently did not achieve yourself. It’s not 300% per se, but just the implied promise that you know things that (again, apparently) you do not know (yet). Hence instead of building a trust, the offer builds a mis-trust, which is a wrong footing in my book.