Greetings, I'm Jim and recently wandered over here

Hello bootstrappers,

I’ve been reading the site on and off for a couple of weeks now and finally feeling sane enough (jet lag wearing off) to get around to introducing myself.

My background is one of an architect/engineer who has built a number of interesting products across a number of companies over the years. During that time, I have also used freelancing/consulting to contribute to projects that were interesting or helped get startups off the ground.

I typically describe my skill set as “anything but front end”. Language/platform for development are mostly open ended for me. System administration/devops are dirty words I have dealt with as well.

I’m diving into bootstrapping on a mix of projects - the longer term one is simply summarized as a platform for connecting network (not just internet) attached devices and doing composite or cascading actions based on the actions of said devices. More short term projects are around hobbies of mine like gardening.

I’m here to learn from others, contribute how I can, and if help is needed pick up a small freelance project or two.


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Welcome, Jim!

My background is pretty much the same as yours, which allows me to provide the following deep insight:

Sounds like more than a mere human can pull off, don’t you think?