Greetings From Laravel Land


I’m Taylor Otwell, software engineer at UserScape where I’ve primarily worked on Snappy for the past year or two. I’m also the creator of the Laravel PHP framework (, an open source framework / “foundation” of sorts for building web applications.

I also recently launched Laravel Forge (, my first paid web app. Forge is a server management app for quickly deploying Laravel applications into the wild.

Will mainly just be gleaning from the wisdom you all share, but just wanted to say “hi”! :smile:


Hello Mr. Otwell. Welcome to the forums! :smile:

Hey there!

I’m sure people here can definitely learn from your experience. Not many people out there have a top tier open source project in addition to a bootstrapped web app.

Welcome aboard.

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Hello Taylor!

Exciting to see you joining the flock of world-changers and progress-makers!
Congratulations on launching Forge, it definitely will make a dent in the PHP/webdev universe, it’s incredibly easy to use and already saved me a bunch of time. Keep up the good work!

Maks, one of your happy customers :slight_smile:

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Welcome Taylor!

It’s a joy to see innovation in a new arena–so many new products and services live in the same spaces over and over. I feel like I want to pick your brain as much about the work you did to grow Laravel as I do about Forge.

It’s great to have you! Welcome.

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Welcome to the forums, I’m awed at the fact that the person responsible for my favourite framework is on this board. Excellent work I love all of it and use it everyday on multiple projects and contracts!

Can’t wait to read more about you and your new business, I’ll sure give it a try!

Welcome Taylor! My favorite framework creator on my favorite boostrap forum! Worlds are colliding!