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Greetings from Atlanta!


Hi everyone,

My name is Aleksandr (aka Alexander or 亚历山大 in Chinese; but usually I go by Aleks or Alex). :slight_smile: As you likely have figured out already, I currently live and work in sunny Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Eastern Europe, I have been living in US for almost 20 years.

I’m happy to join this community. I’m a seasoned IT professional (but have a wide range of interests) and have had a number of startup ideas for a while (haven’t had a chance to work on them for various reasons). The most recent and most serious idea that I’ve been working on is science-focused (still in the planning phase) - that’s all I can say for now. While (and, actually, because) I’m quite well familiar with the VC ecosystem, I plan to grow my startup organically, in a bootstrap fashion (at least, for as long as possible). I look forward to sharing my knowledge and insights as well as learning from people in this nice community.

Best wishes,



Welcome Aleksander/Alexander/亚历山大!

When I spent some time in Arabic-speaking countries, I noticed Alexander had turned into “Iskandar”. I guess it is because the “Al” sounds like the definite article in Arabic.

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I appreciate your welcome, Steve! And thank you for letting me know about the Arabic version of my name - that’s interesting, I was unaware of that … Languages and cultures are fascinating topics.

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