Great, practical article on strategizing

Recently, there was great discussion here on taking a month to work on a side project.

I was just reading his article by Talyor Pearson which is very applicable that topic, but has even broader application.

Taylor has written some good stuff before. He touches on some points I’ve realized in the last 6 months. I am now focusing on how little I can do. (As someone said: there is your #1 priority and then there is everything else). When you approach it that way, recognizing your time as incredibly valuable (and scare) you ask "why is this important? What is the goal? How will I know if I’ve succeeded. Stuff that Taylor covers in the article better than I can describe it.

I have let myself get spread too thin.

On solution to that is to really think deeply about what your most important goal is and how best to accomplish it. It’ll make you more confident and less likely to get distracted by the Urgent, Unimportant Shiny Objects.

And that’s exactly what Taylor is writing about, as he draws from a variety of sources including the great Venn Diagram below from Reid Hoffman.