[Google] Analytics review as a service

Every time I look in Google Analytics they seem to have changed it and I seem to fall down a rabit hole for an hour or two but still end up with no good info or actionable insights.

Now that every man and his dog is following Dan Norris’s playbook for productised services wondering if there are any recommendations for a service where someone would look (monthly/quarterly) at the Goog and give me a digest report with insights and actionable info

Oh - should specify that I am not after something that just repeats useless vanity info like “average time on page increased 12% to 1:45 from last month” - need human touch to decide what info is useful and actionable.

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We offered this as a service years ago, as I more or less live in Analytics. Signups: 0.


I bet most small businesses, such as bricks and mortar ones, don’t even realise GA exists and would love a report that says who is visiting, where from (geographically and Web based) and so on…

You could get a bunch of local business URLs, do a GET for each home page, segment to who already has GA and who doesn’t, and then approach each segment differently. Those that do use it may at least provide some insight as to how they use it, which you might be able to apply to the others.

My husband’s app might be what you’re looking for: http://briefmetrics.com

Emails you weekly with stats — how many visits, what your top referrals are, what new referrals you got, your bounce rate, your traffic compared to the last week, etc. I hate Google Analytics and it’s been a huge help for me keeping on top of things.

Don’t know of anything out there, but I imagine it would be a hard service to scale as it such a custom thing.

I’ve been using mix panel custom events to get a better feel for interactions in my app, depending on your traffic volume it’s a nice addition to GA that is more custom to your application.

I’ve been thinking a bit about providing this service, as well. It seems like a core first step to becoming data driven, thus essential.

However, 90% of analytics setups are broken.

Peep Laja of ConversionXL talked about people who provide this service on eCommerce sites – apparently the demand is quite high, and he said that people are charging something like $25k to set this up for an established eCommerce site.

The following might be a site to check out; Peep mentioned him as a solid guy:

Dave: Were you selling it alongside other services that were getting attention?

Was it hard to reach people or were people just not interested?

@nathanlippi Yes, alongside other products, and yes they were getting attention People just weren’t interested, despite saying they would be for some time before :smile:

Ahhh… the classic case of people not doing what they say they will.

Thanks for the info :).

Don’t get me started on that one :slight_smile: No problem - good luck with it all!