GoodLinks - eCommerce Content Outreach That Matters

Hey guys, this is the result of the several recent threads that I’ve posted with ideas on how to help people, etc, etc. Thanks to everyone for all of your feedback!

Goodlinks - eCommerce Content Outreach that Matters

I’m trying to get 200 supporters for a scheduled tweet campaign. If you could help that would be awesome!

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I like your motivation. But ‘content outreach’ seems such a shady business (with lots of spamming and article spinning). Also hard to measure the benefit of. I wonder if it is the optimal area to target?

I hear you man - trust me I know I have a sliminess factor to overcome due to the history of the industry.

Key word in what you said is “seems”.

A lot of people think sales “seems” sleazy. But anyone who owns their own business or has ever interacted with a professional (and good) sales person, knows that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The proper kind of sales is all about solving peoples problems, actively listening, and providing value to them. While at the same time being willing to take a step out and initiate a conversation / relationship.

Quality content outreach these days is all about building genuine relationships and offering genuine value to people.

Let’s say I wrote an article about something related to event planning that was actually useful to your customer base. If I write the article and never reach out to you about it, 99% chance you’re never going to see it.

If I reach out in a spammy way, 99% chance you’re never going to read the email.

If I reach out in a genuine way, and offering you some content that’s actually valuable to your audience, there’s a chance that you’ll share it.

That’s what it’s all about.

I just landed two massive links to my site within the magento niche by literally just outreaching to people I already know.

And I also landed a phone call with the founder of a popular crm software in the outreach space by doing the same - just genuine, personal outreach on twitter and mentioning some ideas I had for improving their product.

Outreach doesn’t have to be sleazy. And I’m gonna prove it :slightly_smiling:

I think that is much easier to do if you have your own product and are part of their community, rather than being a ‘content specialist’.

I hope you prove me wrong!


But again it’s the same as sales. It’s a lot easier to sell someone on something when you’re the founder of the company and creator of the product. Gives you instant credibility that you wouldn’t have if you’re just a “sales rep”. Does that make the sales profession useless? Hardly.

And with the magento links, it’s true that 90% of the reason I got those links so easily was that I had very strong existing relationships.

Within the content marketing niche though I’m a nobody. So the outreach that I’m doing is actually a lot closer to what my content-specialists-in-training will experience.

I launched a podcast to go cover outreach strategies. If any of you guys have strategies you’d like to share, would love to have some of you guys on!

Got my first customer! $1k / month for 5 links. Gonna be publishing more details on it soon:

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