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Good accounting software to store and label received invoices



I use Freshbooks for accounting, and I’m quite happy with it.

I receive around 5-10 invoices per month, and I sent around 1-2 per month for consulting projects.

One thing I need though, is a place to store the invoices I receive for my expenses.

I would like it to be as close to a physical folder as possible, where I can browse through and label each one incrementally. Then I add the label/reference number to the expense in Freshbooks and I can hand it over to my accountant.

Completely paperless, but still gives an overview.

Does anyone know of such a service/add-on to Freshbooks?


I just use a shared dropbox folder for this. The bookkeeper then renames the files with an RC in front of them once they are reconciled. Seems to work well enough and I can do things like take a photo of a receipt on my phone when travelling and put it straight into dropbox.


Dropbox got me thinking about IFTTT, so I set up a recipe I can sent e-mail to: https://ifttt.com/recipes/128771

Whenever I get a receipt, I snap a photo and send it to trigger@ifttt.com and it goes into my Dropbox. Same for invoices received by e-mail - just forward.

That will work for now, but I could use something that labeled every expense with a number.


Have you tried sendtodropbox.com yet? You get a forwarding email address and it automatically saves attachments send to this address into a dropbox folder.
And with a clever naming scheme of your attachments and use of the available rules in sendtodropbox you’ll get some kind of labeling, too.