Gold Laces Conference in Oakland on July 23

I wanted to share Gold Laces Conference with this community. Gold Laces is a small conference for people interested in side projects and people bootstrapping a business, not just software.

Instead of platitudes and inspiration, Gold Laces is all about the mechanics of bootstrapping. We have lawyers, accountants, marketers, and founders who will tell you exactly what do to, what not to do, and why. You’ll get specific referrals to tools, products, and platforms that can help — all for free or super cheap.

There are lots of strategists and consultants out there who want to charge you hundreds of dollars to just talk about whatever. Instead of doing that, or spending nights and weekends doing research, Gold Laces is one intense day that will tell you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why it works. With early bird tickets at just $99 for a whole day, including lunch and discounts, it’s a way better investment than some quickie online course.

We have a great list of speakers, including:

Chris Liu, Interaction Designer at Mercedes-Benz R&D North America
Elizabeth Yin, Partner at 500 Startups and Co-Founder of HustleCon
Elliott Adams, Startup Next SF Manager and Professor at Hult International Business School
Laura Nelson, Head of Marketing at Broadly
Lindsey Mignano, Neda Shapourian, and Teela Smith, Partners at Smith Shapourian Mignano LLP
Lloyed Lobo, Head of Growth at and Co-Founder of
Margot Schmorak, Founder of Hostfully
May Roen, Vice President of Finance at Escalon
Samir Said, 3x bootstrapped founder

So if you’re a bootstrapper, side projecteer, or wanting to start your own thing the right way, please join us for Gold Laces Conference in Oakland on Saturday, July 23.

I can’t link it, but if you Google [gold laces conference] you’ll find all the information. Thanks!