Goat testicles and copywriting

…are only part of the short book:

Hooked On You: The Genius Way to Make Anybody Read Anything, by Ian Harris

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I’ve only parsed this book so far, but it seems pretty solid, as are its reviews.

One caveat is I thought I was sharing a free download with you guys and it’s $2.99 now, so if you buy it and hate it please don’t tell me, because I’ll feel bad.

(It does appear to be free for kindleunlimited users and borrowable for Prime users, though I’m not either of those.)

Thanks for the suggestion, it looks great, just borrowed it on my Kindle.

For those that don’t want to use Amazon, or prefer a “pay what you think it’s worth” model, it’s also available at LeanPub with a minimum price of free.


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Looks great, bought a copy. Will read.

Nice little guide. Cannot call it a full-sized book, but it worth to read, especially for novice copyrighters.

Here’s my notes from it:

  1. Start everything with a story.
  2. Right after story a short-short bridge.
  3. Story is short, may be 100 words.
  4. Keep things readable. There is an index that says how readable is a text. 30 - bad, 70 - good, 90 - perfect. Flesch Reading Ease test.
  5. Use Reddit and other sites to collect stories.

Readability tips

  1. Put first sentence on 1 line.
  2. Use narrower columns.
  3. Keep your sentences short.
  4. Put a line break after every idea.
  5. Use bullets.
  6. Open with a quote.
  7. Include a picture of a person looking at the reader.
  8. Caption every picture.
  9. Sign your work.
  10. Use P.S. which summarizes the idea.