Giving back - free sales training for Bootstrappers - London, UK

I run a couple of sales training classes in London each year.

This isn’t a sales pitch or spam post in anyway… we have a room that can fit 70, but usually only sell about 35 tickets, so it means I can give away a few free tickets to people. I really get a lot out of this board, so want to give back, and I know a lot of you hate sales and marketing stuff, so…

The classes are taught by business author, Mike Southon ( ). Mike is a good guy, entertaining, has a few best-selling books, built and sold an IT services firm, and knows his stuff.

You don’t get sold to at the class in anyway. Most people will pay £49 to £99 to attend. It is just a regular training class so come along, have a free coffee, learn and leave ;0) It is especially good if you hate selling and there are no awkward role plays.

The class won’t be suitable if you only sell via SEO and a website etc, but it will be useful to you if you have a more face-to-face type product e.g. B2B / enterprise product and so on.

The next class is on Tuesday 17th March, 9:30am to 1pm, Central London.
5 free tickets available - enter: bootstrappedfm - as the promo code to get a free place.

I know how these posts can look, but this is genuinely just me trying to give back. We have been running these events for over 10 years. This is the only place I am posting this and I promise the class is great ;0)


Snatched one, see you there.

Great! See you then. Will be nice to meet some Bootstrapped board members in real life ;0)