Ghostial - Remove the cobwebs from your twitter accounts

Hey all,

I’ve officially launched Ghostial - Ghostwriting for your social media accounts.

I posted about it here about a month ago requesting beta feedback, and have iterated on it since then. Thanks for those of you who gave it a test run!

I’ve successfully brought on / converted a handful of paying customers (mostly through my network / beta users) and now am trying to figure out next steps go get to 10 customers, and then 100.

If anyone has marketing / growth tips that would help me out, I’d love the support and advice!

Also, as a thanks to everyone here, sign up with promo code BOOTSTRAPPED to get your first 10 tweets free.


I want to post on FB GROUPS.
Is that something you can do as well?
Automated software is no longer allowed to post to Groups if you are not the admin.
So you have to post manually to Groups

It’s not clear to me exactly what part you’d take care of:

  1. The idea for the post
  2. Writing a good title/post (copywriting)
  3. Automating the posting

I am in a very specialized niche (speech therapy software)

What I would need is mostly #3, but maybe a bit of #2 would help.

So, what I would need, ideally is:

  1. I supply a list of resources with suggested posting titles in a spreadsheet (with dates and Groups to post to)
  2. If you can improve those titles, you maybe suggest better ones
  3. You manually post from my account. This is the most important part.

Does Ghostial ghost writers use a dashboard of RSS feeds in the background to share relevant links for my industry (Shopify / ecommerce)?

The examples provided are just funny one liners, is that the only thing the app does?

@Clay_Nichols thanks for taking a look. We’ve not looked at posting to facebook groups yet (and indeed it may not be possible). We’ll look at their api and see if that is available!

@pjc that is a good call out. I’ll update the examples on the home page to show a better range of what we can do. As far as content, we do the research on your industry and work based off your instructions (options for funny, serious, informational, instructional as well as inputs for target audience, things to avoid, example tweets you like, etc).