Get unlimited sysadmin tasks from Opsist

Do you know how to administer your servers, but have better things to do with your time? Or there’s the odd task that you could learn how to do, but just never find the time? Your worries are now over. Opsist is here. I’ll order and install your SSL certificate, setup a new website config for you, or solve some weird, annoying problem that you just can’t find the time to hunt down and squash once and for all.

I’ve been inspired by the likes of WPCurve and Undullify, and I want to take my decade-plus of experience managing systems, and help make everyone’s systems better. There’s one-off or monthly plans available, so whether you just need one thing done, or need the peace of mind that someone always has your back, Opsist is the Sysadmin-as-a-Service you’ve been looking for.

On a more down-to-earth front, I’d really appreciate any constructive criticism of the idea or execution. Dammit, Jim, I’m a sysadmin, not a marketer!

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Bookmarked. Don’t need any tasks at the moment, but could definitely see using this in the future.

I really like how you offer a log of the task that was done, so that I can learn from it and adjust/repeat in future if needed.

Sounds like a great service and I wish you luck! Give us updates!

Hi shanelabs, thanks for the kind words. They’re greatly appreciated.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the “pitch”? Also, are the price points “reasonable” for you, for the value offered?

Thanks again,

  • Matt

Price points are reasonable for me. I value my time at about $100/hr, so if it will take me longer than 30 mins to figure out (most likely), it makes sense to have you do it.

Think the pitch is great. Super minor point, but might wanna get a favicon set up.

Hi shanelabs, thanks for the pricing confirmation. I was following a similar rationale when setting the prices; glad to see I was on the right track! Good catch on the favicon; I’ve got one sorted now.


  • Matt

Hi Matt, I have bookmarked your service!

In Spring, I had to setup a mail server on Ubuntu (VPS) and tried to look for someone who can help. Sadly, I did not find you that time. In general I did the job, but some things were left undone. Your service looks promising, so I’ll come to you in the next few months. Good luck with the service!

Hi Michael, thanks for the kind words. Glad to see I’ve got a compelling pitch. Happy to help whenever you’ve got a need.

I was thinking about starting this same business after reading about wp curve. You’ve done a great job at getting the value proposition across.

This service sounds great. Every time I have to do sysadmin work I wished for a service like this.

May have missed it, but:

  • how do you get access to the server? Would we create a user for you?
  • Maybe mention what tech stacks you can help configure (ie. Nginx, uwsgi, etc)?