Get paid easier. Launching fintech startup in 16 y/o. Feedback required!

Hi Bootstrappers!

I am 16 y/o guy from Donetsk, Ukraine. You could read my post few months ago. We created preview version then, and now we are the part of Incubate, Australian startup accelerator.

Our service allows you to create payment page in a click, copy link and share it with the world. You can connect it to your startup as a payment option, sell handmade stuff, collect donations or send invoices to customers. Your profile becomes your own tiny store. We are using Stripe, so it is fully secure.

We are launching our beta in a few weeks and I’d love to get some feedback on both our landing page and whole user experience.

P.S We don’t charge anything over regular Stripe fees for now, so it’s totally free for the bootsrapped community :wink: